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Lead Generation

If your company is looking for more qualified leads, we can help! Our lead generation program includes developing a customized plan designed to fit your unique business challenges. We provide very targeted leads via content syndication. By leveraging your content, Accelerate Marketing Solutions connects with the right audience, in the right organizations, to produce high quality leads that deliver results.

Some of the areas we can help you with include:

  • Whitepaper Syndication
  • Webinar Promotion
  • Account-Based Marketing

Every campaign is customized based on your targeting requirements and we work with your existing processes to make everything as easy as possible for our clients.

We can help you increase ROI, reduce lead acquisition costs and increase demand!

Data Solutions

Accelerate Marketing Solutions leverages technology and data to provide innovative marketing solutions to companies engaged in online and traditional direct marketing.

Our goal is to provide you with independent and objective data recommendations coupled with the highest quality customer service. We listen to your needs and provide guidance to help you optimize your campaign and maximize your marketing ROI.

Prospect List Research and Brokerage

There are literally thousands of different data sources available for your acquisition needs. Our objective is to research, identify and obtain the best sources for your specific target market.

Customer File Analytics

Understanding who your customers are is a critical step in designing and executing marketing campaigns, whether for acquisition or retention. Profiling illustrates what your customers look like with respect to key demographic or behavioral attributes.

Customer File Data Hygiene and Enhancement

Good marketing begins with good data. List hygiene is critical to direct marketing success and typically includes zip correction, address standardization, and NCOA. Duplicate records can also be identified. These processes can greatly improve the effectiveness of your customer data.

Data Processing

Whether working with your customer data or third-party prospect data, we provide customized processing to support your specific data-driven marketing applications. Most solutions include some degree of merge/purge processing, which identifies and removes duplicate records and suppresses existing customers from prospect mailings.


We can help you solve your marketing challenges. Whether facing challenges around customer acquisition, or leads getting stuck in the funnel, we can work with you to solve those challenges. We work with an extensive network to deliver the results you need!